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    Currency & Insurance in Bhutan


    The Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan (RICB) has initiated a travel and a medical scheme solely for our visitors. If you wish to apply for one, Bhutan Happy Nation Travels shall get detailed information about the insurance scheme. You may also visit the RICB website at


    Bhutanese currency is the ngultrum (Nu.) and is on par with the Indian Rupee, also an accepted legal tender in the country. The approximate exchange rate is Nu 60 for 1 US$. You may change dollars, Euros, traveler¹s checks, and a few other convertible currencies at banks and bigger hotels in all major towns. A Forex is also located in the heart of Thimphu. There is no replacement facility for traveler¹s checks in Bhutan.

    Shopping and Credit Cards

    The most popular tourist purchases include traditional Bhutanese arts and handicrafts, Buddhist paintings (thangka), textiles, and wood carvings. Bhutanese hand-woven textile is prized around the world. You can buy them in most handicraft boutiques. Yathra is another brightly colored woven material made from wool and dyed with natural colors. It is sold in pieces or sewn into jackets, bags, rugs and wall hangings. Wood and bamboo products include dappa (handmade wooden bowls) and bangchung (small bamboo woven baskets) with two tightly fitting halves.

    Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, & American Express) are accepted only by a handful of shops and hotels in bigger towns. Therefore, we suggest you carry sufficient travelers checks and cash.