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    About Dorji Phalam

    By admin 9 years ago
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    Dorji Phalam Travels is owned and managed by a Bhutanese tour operator; Passang Dorji.

    The company is based in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. As one of Bhutan’s tour operators, Dorji Phalam Travels works hard to ensure every client who visits Bhutan through it goes back with exciting memories from his or her tour in Bhutan.

    The company is licensed by the Royal Government of Bhutan (Tourism Council of Bhutan) as a Bhutan Tour Operator.

    Dorji Phalam Travels is one of the most flexible Bhutan tour operators. The company does not believe in making a must-follow tour programs for tourists visiting Bhutan. The tour programs are designed after consultations with potential visitors. And the tour programs can be customized the way our guests want.

    The flexibility of designing the tour programs as been one of the company’s strengths  as one of competent Bhutan’s tour operators.

    Like most Bhutan tour operators, Dorji Phalam Travels offers all tour-packages Bhutan’s tourism industry can offer. However, our specialty has been in conducting Bhutan Cultural tour, Bhutan Academic tour, Bhutan Trekking tour, Bhutan Photography tour, Bhutan Nature tour, Bhutan Festival tour, and Bhutan Bird Watching tour among others.

    Dorji Phalam Travels has been one of Bhutan tour operators that has been working hard to innovate tour programs for tourists whose demands are changing. As a responsible Bhutanese tour operator, we work hard to ensure our guests enjoy their tour to Bhutan. And we take pride in being able to be part of our valued guests’ wonderful experience in Bhutan.

    Your Bhutan tour can be booked with any tour operator in Bhutan. Once you get in touch with a Bhutan’s tour operator, the particular tour company will guide you how to book your tour. All Bhutanese tour operators do everything for a visitor including the visa processing after the tariff payment.

    During the peak season (March, April, May, September, October and November) the daily tariff is US$ 250 per person per night. And if you are visiting Bhutan in low season (January, February, June, July, August and December) the daily tariff is US$ 200.

    The daily tariff includes your accommodation, meals, transport, guide, government royalty and taxes.

    Most Bhutanese tour operators will be able give you all the information you need to plan your tour in Bhutan.

    If you have further inquiries, you can get in touch with us at:

    Bhutan Tour Operator: Dorji Phalam Travels

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