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    About Dorji Phalam Tours

    Dorji Phalam Travels is a travel company licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, an autonomous body that oversees the tourism industry. Dorji Phalam Travels is run and owned by Passang Dorji. Passang is one of the few trained professional tour guides in the country.

    What distinguishes Dorji Phalam Travels from other tour companies in the country is that the owner and managers of the company know about the country very well. We are well versed with the country’s politics, culture, environment and its guiding development philosophy of Gross National Happiness to list a few.

    Dorji Phalam Travels has a group of professional tour guides who have been in the tourism industry for decades. Each tour guide is specialized in his or her field. If you come to Bhutan for cultural tour we have our cultural tour guides accompanying you. If you come to trek Bhutan’s mountains we have our trekking guides at your service. If you are in Bhutan to explore its history, politics and society we have a group of experts who you could meet during your tour. For those interested in spiritual tourism in the tradition of Tantric Buddhism, we will organize retreats, talks, and meditations.

    If our guests are writers, journalists, academics, and scholars we make special arrangements to fulfill their intellectual demands and quests. We can organize talks, interviews, and conferences.

    We do not design the tour itinerary for you. We provide the details of places and things that could of interest to you in advance. The itinerary is developed in consultation with you. And the tour programs can be reworked should you need changes on your arrival.

    Our commitment is to provide you with unmatched services in the industry. Your satisfaction is our top most priority. We believe in working hard to make your trip to Bhutan the most wonderful one you ever had!
    We specialize in tour packages that enable our guests to explore and experience real Bhutan. The real Bhutan actually lies in rural places that have remained untouched for centuries and not in urban centers that most tourists visit and go back.

    Dorji Phalam Travels’ tour packages are uniquely interesting and worth experiencing. And we promise only what we can deliver!